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versrtohlen wrote:

Character Name:Verstohlen

Sex and Age:22 and Male

Armory Link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ysera/Verstohlen/advanced

Class and Spec (and Off-Spec): I am an Elemental Shaman with a Resto Offspec

Screenshot of your UI in a raid environment:
http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n92/ … 124547.jpg

Please provide us with a recent parse of you in a raid (WoL/WWS):
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-xm0lzh27t56yn9xe/ I am a recent Faction Change I was not in the guild though

Past guilds and reason for leaving:

Well lets see I started off with Core on horde side because a lot of my buddies played there and I was very new to the game.. This was like a month before Wrath came out... My first night at 70 I went into BT and was taking 5 on the meters pretty consecutively it was also our first night downing Illidan and From there I Was Hooked.... When Wrath hit I was determined to be the best shaman on the server or at least give every shaman a run for there money.... I was to 80 in 3 days and was pretty quick to gear through heroics. Right around the time ulduar came out Core became complacent and was not pushing progression anymore... So i started to look else where..... Thats when I left Core.

From Core I pushed onward to Agony and raided with them all through ulduar.... After our first night downing yogg I got some very unfortunate news... I was getting deployed. I said my good byes to Agony and hung my boots up for a while. About 6 months ago I got back from said deployment. I logged on to find that Agony was no more and later came to know that most members transferred to Mal Ganis to join juggernaut...I apped there and due to an overwhelming amount of Shamans in the guild already I was denied. Then I was looking at Horde Side guilds on Ysera and found that the horde side had lost a competitive edge and decided to faction change.

Now Here I am today... Apping Before you

When did you start playing this game:
August 24, 2008

List all raid experience with approximate relative dates:
Well I reached 70 on October 2 2008 and I went to BT that night I saw all of BT with the first guild kill of Illidan Stormrage....
When Wrath hit I raided all of nax and all of Ulduar with a few Ulduar hardmodes before I hit my deployment.

As For Cataclysm raids I am 12/12 with 11/12 pre nerf with nothing more then just pug runs. I wanted very much to do hard modes at least some of the easier ones... But unfortunately with a pug group it was rather hard to at least on horde side....

In your opinion, what has been the toughest achievement for you?
The toughest achievement for me hmmmm one of the toughest achievements I got was 3 drake sarth 10 man before nerf and before I was 85... I spent countless hours wiping on that stupid dragon. Also Yogg Saron was a bitch and a half but I like challenging achievements like that. I like downing content Ive never seen..Do I love loot Sure who doesnt but I am all about boss kills and progression...

What are your professions and why?
I am Enchanting and Jewel Crafting.... Reasons are the same increase to Intellect with the Gems and Ring Enchants.

Do you use an authenticator?
I do not current have had no reason

Tell us a little about your class playstyle: Well shamans have a very versatile playing style. People that play shamans complain we do not have enough aoe abilities when really we have some decent ones. Shamans have alot of tricks up there sleeves. Elemental Mastery, Heroism/Bloodlust, Fire Nova, 5 sec interrupt which is beautiful! The current spec I have is one of three I spec into. I also have another where I spec out of EarthQuake and totemic reach to put points into Elemental Warding for 12% reduced magic damamge. This is a huge help to the healers during hard mode progression. The other spec I run is without earthquake or reverberation if I know I wont be interrupting while still being specced into totemic reach and Speccing into Elemental Warding.

Not Really sure what you want here but if you want a rotation its pretty simple Flame Shock Lavaburst, Lightning Bolt Fillers to 7-9 stacks of Lightning Shield then After a Lavaburst EARTHSHOCK , EM used as much as possible the only time I will use Unleash Elements is because of movement intensive fights and the new prime Glyph of Unleashed Lightning I havent really got a chance to try on a movement intensive fight.. I know what EJ likes to say about it but I like to test those theorys out. I am a huge user of SimulationCraft. Thing does wonders I also use mrrobot.com and Max Dps.com

Give us a little info about yourself outside the game. For the most part we have a mature guild majority 18+ Guys and Girls of all personalities. We want to know who we are recruiting:
So I am 22 years old currently enlisted in the United States Air Force. I enjoy playing Soccer and listening to Techno. I love mountain Dew and anything Mountain Dew related. I love sunflower seeds and sometimes they are the only way I stay awake at work after a long night of raiding. I current have a girlfriend and she is the love of my life pretty positive on that one. She keeps me sane even though we are going through the long distance thing YAY FOR MILITARY MOVING ME. I get the following words pounded into my head every day from my work "The degree of accuracy by which one's perception of his current environment mirrors reality" I don't know how many of you know what that is... It is the definition used by the military for situational Awareness of which I HAVE HUGE AMOUNTS....

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require? YES I CAN
10. Our raiding schedule is 9:00pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night)?I CAN BE THERE EVERY NIGHT

You've just been Avyxducated.


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versrtohlen wrote:

Screenshot of your UI in a raid environment:
http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n92/ … 124547.jpg

I didn't know 300x180 was an option!



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!! I was in Agony for a few months during the ToC instances shortly after you left!

You've just been Avyxducated.


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I know we said it'd be okay to tweak our app to add stuff, but there's information on our app you didn't include, and weird shit like "For the most part we have a mature guild majority 18+ Guys and Girls of all personalities." you thought it would be a good idea to include, not knowing whether or not that applies to us.  Looks like a lazy cut and paste of your app to another guild, to me.

That doesn't begin to address the actual content (or composition, yikes) of your app, or the insane poverty-logic behind not having an authenticator because you haven't needed one yet, but I'll leave that be, since I'm denying your app regardless.

Best of luck in the future.  If you intend to continue applying to guilds at our level of progression, I'd take a note or two for your next application.

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