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Meikos wrote:

1. State your character's Name, Race, Class and Role.

Meikos, Human Mage, DPS

2. Why do you want to join SPG?
Of all the guilds I've seen interested (or that had at least replied to my LFG topic), you guys seem to fit my tastes best. Raiding times withing my preferences, 10 man and best yet, I wouldn't have to transfer! Plus, it seems as if you guys have a great sense of humor!

3. Please list all previous guilds/servers and your reason(s) for leaving each.
I'm going to start with WotLK because I didn't really start serious raiding till then nor did I play my Mage in BC. If you need, I can re-post the BC guild...

In WotLK I was with a guild on Anetheron-Horde called <Profanity>. They were great friends, but mediocre raiders. For a long time, friendship kept me from leaving. But eventually, the guild started to fall apart, especially after Kingslayer: the GM stopped attending his own raids, rampant attendance issues, people got on less... but worst of all, me and around two other players who consistently made raids were pretty much carrying a group of ten people who were... bad. With the friendship quickly draining out and good raiding long dead, I left for greener pastures.

I moved to Ysera to join a guild that fit the bill for what I was looking for, <Southern Gentlemen>. They were literally nobodies on the server as they had just transferred/rerolled for reasons not so different from mine. I took the risk and was rewarded. We were doing good, 2/7 (maybe 3/7, can't remember) in our first week of Firelands raiding - which started a week after the patch. This is where this guild splinters apart... attendance. Our GM had to stop raiding due to Real Life <Destroyer of Guilds>. Other core members stopped logging on. Eventually, it was posted that raiding would be suspended indefinitely. As much as I don't want to, I now face that I have to find a new raiding guild that fits my picky tastes or become an entirely casual player, farming BGs all day in my Honor PvP gear on my Mage, Rogue and Priest. That wouldn't be fun.

4. What is your endgame raiding experience?
For current content, I'm 5/7 and experienced with most if not all mechanics that require or allow a DPS to focus on an element of a fight. (E.X., Rageface/Riplimb, Beth'tilac and her Drones/calling out Spiderlings, Rhyolith and his feet, Baleroc and his shards etc.) That goes for T12 and T11 - I was always the first volunteer for the more interesting and fun mechanics so I usually got them assigned to me. (Atramedes and his bells, dispelling off of Maloriak etc.)

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require?
Of course!

6. Please post a link to your Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com) profile.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/y … s/advanced
There's a chance that I may be in my PvP gear. If this happens, just PM me back and I can arrive in SW for inspection.

7. What, if any, entertainment value do you offer?
I collect achievements, pets, mounts, transformations and other obscure curios.

Ever seen an Ogre cast Mirror Image and then pound a boss down with Fireball? Or a character access transformations for the opposite gender? (Female Human using Orb of Sin'dorei to become Male Elf.)

You will.

8. List the consumables you use for encounters and a brief explanation as to why you use them.
Flask of the Draconic Mind, Volcanic Potion and Sagefish Heads because, simply put, Intellect is the BEST Mage stat, especially for Arcane where it's over-inflated due to how it interacts with Mastery.

9. Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.  Explain how your current gear, glyph, and talent choices mesh with performing that role, and any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.  For healers, use this section to describe your personal "healing style": which spells you favor, and why.  For DPSers or tanks, lay out the DPS or threat-generation rotations you employ, and explain, in detail, why each ability is used and why it's in that particular order. For example, if your rotation is Dot1-->Dot2-->CastTime Spell, explain why the Dots are put up first; what happens if they aren't? Don't skimp on this answer, show me you know what you're talking about, and that you didn't just regurgitate information from ElitistJerks, etc.
Well, I'm going to use Arcane here because I'm going to go ahead and assume Fire is out of the question! (Oh Blizzard, why won't you remove my yo-yo DPS issues...)

For Arcane, the whole "one button Mage" myth is false. It's still incredibly boring however, but who doesn't enjoy inflating their recount bar to absurd amounts? Start with Arcane Blast until ideally 80% Mana (I don't use any Mana bar addons or assiting addons for this point, I didn't even discover them until I had already gotten the whole rotation under my hat.) after which you pop every single cooldown you have except Volcanic Potion if you're saving that for a specific moment of the fight. (Rather save it for mass CD popping during Magmaw's vulnerability phase instead of at the beginning, for example.) Mana Gem should pop you back up to around 100%, allowing you to fully benefit from the Mastery for AB spam phases. Spam more AB. Pop Flame Orb. Spam moar AB! At 30%, Evocate and pray to Greg Street that you don't get targeted by anything to interrupt or chip time off Evo. After that, watch your Mana bar and use 1-4 ABs before using Missiles in order to keep yourself above 80% Mana. Once Mana Gem is off CD, Arcane Power and trinkets should be as well. Wash, rinse, ???, profit.

Glyphing is pretty straight forward. "Hey, Mana dictates my damage as per Mastery! I should take a glyph that increases my Mana gain!" "Hey, Arcane Blast and Missiles are my two highest damage abilities! I should take those glyphs!"
Prime Glyphing is pretty darn straight forward. Major Glyphing is where it gets interesting.

Poly because, let's face it, you can't always idiot-proof that one pugger and even if there are no puggers, accidents happen. Evocate because, hey, if I can't move for five seconds and am completely vulnerable, I may as well heal while I'm at it! It's actually fairly nice for Baleroc too. Arcane Power because it allows you to keep going after a Blink during my most important phase, the burn phase. The Mirror Image aspect is very nice too as it lets you mash every CD you have into one button.

Minor Glyphing is, you guessed it, minor! But in case you look at my Minor Glyphs and say, "Hey Meik, y u no Mirror Image Glyph?", then here's your answer - it sucks for Arcane. It sucks for PvP. Your Images go oom and do less damage because the AB debuff they get doesn't seem to work properly for the damage aspect. And for PvP, they no longer slow.

Talents are basic cookie cutter spec which leaves you with a few extra talents. A lot of Arcane Mages take Master of Elements from Fire... I say, nay! It only affects the base Mana cost of AB, so when that 4-stack crits and costs you 10k Mana, you only get back 150-200 Mana, less with Shard of Woe. Yech. So I figured, "Let's take more mobility because, let's face it, my spec's mobility is bad. BAD."

10. Our raiding schedule is 9:00pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night)?
Not at all. I can even stay 1-2 hours after 12, but I would rather be done at 12.

11. Tell us about yourself.  Include age, gender, profession... but don't stop there.
People call me Zac or Meikos (That's MY-KOS. It's a bit obscure, hearing me pronounce it may be needed as I've noticed a lot of people get it wrong for some reason...) I'm male, 18 (Turning 19 in a month) and currently in college. I'm majoring in, well, General Education, because I have no idea what I really want to do yet. I do not have a job or my own place, at their insistance, my parents allow me live with while in college as long as I do whatever oddjob they want me to do ("Hey Zac, mow the neighbors lawn!") because, as they put it, "Parents are expected to contribute much to their children's education, and since we have little money...". You get the picture.

Profession? I'm going to assume you mean in WoW. Otherwise, you're trying to confuse me and are incredibly cruel. I'm a Tailor/Enchanter/Fisher/First Aid(er?)/Cook. I have alts who are in the WotLK-era of JC/Mining and a Cataclysm LW/Skinner.

12. Please post a screenshot of your UI during an active raid encounter or inside a battleground once it has started. You can use http://www.photobucket.com/ to host your image.
Ugh. I hate my WoW Screenshot folder. So... bloated. "Oh hey, this is from when I first downed Shade of Aran!... Why are there 20+ copies of this...". But, I understand how vital this could be, therefore...

http://s1109.photobucket.com/albums/h43 … 123021.jpg


Yes, I know what you're thinking. "Meik, you use no custon UI addons!". I just... Never really had an issue with the default UI. And every time I try out a custom one, I find it not worth the effort to get it to fit my picky tastes. If I HAD to use one, though, I would SO use LUI.

It's a bit dated, but that's my basic keybinds set up. I used to have ASD keybound too and move exclusively with the mouse. I never liked Hunter a whole lot and didn't plan to ever go Fire... Why would I need to strafe when I can just jump, spin, cast instant spell and then land back in the same direction?

Then I found out I actually did like Fire. A lot. So much so that I completely rearranged my keybinds and bar layout so I would be able to strafe and move forward with the keyboard.

13. If you are applying as a dps or a tank, what is the top-end dps/tps for your class and spec on a (non-gimmick) movement-heavy encounter? Low-movement encounter? How far away from this number are you, and why? Post a WoL/WWS/etc link if available.
Err... I have no idea what other people are pulling. Most of the other top end Mages I've met are jerks so I don't associate with them and most of them on Anetheron where crap. The only real note I can think of would make me pretty bad, as a Gnome Mage once told me in T11 content that he had crit for a 201k AB in BWL where my highest had been 120k. I'm pretty sure he was (pardon my language) bullshitting me, because now in a lot of T12 gear, I still don't crit that high, not even on the gimmick chromatic hounds pull in BWL. I do, however, utterly destroy them in a matter of seconds.

Here's a WoL report: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/4f24knlbl12pmiz9/
Arcane soars on a "Patchwerk" fight, which means a fight that requires no movement and target changing. Baleroc and Shannox are the closes examples of this. On Beth, I was assigned to Drone killing and calling out Spiderlings and switching to what ever else for the 10 or so seconds we had before a new drone arrived after the previous one died. On Shannox, I was assigned to Rageface and had to switch off to Riplimb if he didn't go down as fast as Rage. Then there's Rhyolith... I utterly despise this boss. More than once, I was assigned to coordinate the feet effort, but thankfully I was assigned to adds this phase. Baleroc, I was on a shard. This was when we were starting out and still in mostly T11, as I went Fire to see if I could get it work until recently when I went back Arcane. (Which, of course, is when raiding stops...) I could show you the Fire logs but then I'd have to kill you. Why? They're that bad.

I would assume that most Mages at my gear level are around 20-22k DPS solid on low movement fights, and 19k DPS or around that for the more movement-oriented fights. Which, I'm pretty sure, I would be around if I started to raid again. You may think, "Wow Meik, that's a pretty elitist/snobbish attitude!". But I know I'm doing the right thing: I know rotation, have macros, keybinds, subtle nuances of fights (You can racial out of Majordomo's stun when he spreads seeds and then IB/Shield to completely avoid the entire mechanic.)... I know I'm good. yikes

I know that everyone will say that of course, so if you like what you see in that log but still are unsure, invite me to a BH run next time you do one and need a DPS. Whatever you need.

14. Is there anything else you feel we should know that is relevant to your application?
I like to snack during raids? Don't know. Not much else.

Actually, wait! Do you guys ever clear T11 H? Specifically, BoT. That Shard of Woe is STILL Arc Mage BiS, and will likely stay so this entire expansion if it isn't nerfed...

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Re: Meikos - Mage

If we ever clear content ahead of schedule, we would go work on Sin, however if not, Firelands is the priority.

I'll comment more later, I just remembered before going to work that I saw a PM last night and forgot about it sad

(11 is a real life question, lols)

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Re: Meikos - Mage

The arcane spec does have some filler points which could be easily argued for and against. It really depends on your playstyle I suppose. I'm not a mage expert, however the filler points I believe are to be allocoated among the three following talents:

(might use wrong name)
Prismatic Cloak - 6% less dmg taken and faster invis
Imp Blink - lil bit of runspeed after blinking
Master of Elements

Of the three, one can consider MoE to be an actual dps talent (mana return = sustain burn longer, even though the returns seem like very little). Then we come to Imp Blink, the good old run speed argument, yep, runspeed = dps since getting into position faster, could give you more dps time. Don't really need to talk much about it. The final talent, Prismatic Cloak, is mostly a raid utility talent. Healers would love you for it, it would give you a "little" room for mistake, although nothing really comes to mind right now where 6% dmg reduction would make a difference in saving your life or not. The quicker invis fade would be useful if you needed to drop threat, and can be considered a dps increase I suppose.

Would be nice if you could change specs and have Cloak when you need it, MoE when you don't, but oh well.

Nothing much I can comment on. What do you use for threat monitoring? Your boot enchant does make me a little sad.

I'll probably be on around 9 on Averiel or Kanede, and we could have a chat if you would like.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Averiel is a really girly name.

Helliax - He uses you and then he throws you away. Like a wet towelette after a delicious lobster meal.


Re: Meikos - Mage

So is your face.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Currently, I do have Prismatic Cloak and Imp Blink (Love instant invisibility!). I only mentioned MoE because it's the only talent I didn't take that deviate's from the norm. I opted instead for Incanter's Absorption, which should help as much or more on fights where I'm pumping out as much DPS as possible. (Beth'tilac, Shannox, Rhyolith... Every fight really, except Baleroc.) When I use Mage Ward without CDs, that's around 1.7k more SP (I think. Been a while since I was Arcane.) which is equal to a trinket. If I pop it during a burn phase, it's around 2.2k more SP.

The boot enchant thing is just because there's nothing better to take: there's a 35 Mastery and movement speed increase, but that seems fairly useless given that I can Blink everywhere and then move for 70% inc speed for 3 seconds after. Off the top of my head,  believe the only other choices I could make are 50 Crit and 50 Mastery. If I used Mastery, then I'd just reforge the same amount or more off my gear to get closer to the hit cap. (Although, I suppose I could enchant my boots with Mastery and then reforge Haste to Hit instead of Mastery... Why did this never occur to me? Will look into this.)

I used to use Omen, but recently I stopped it entirely and just rely on the default Blizzard aggro frames because... Well, let's face it, I can go invisible instantly, I can see with the frame when I'm about to pull aggro and since Tanks generate 200% more aggro after the August 16th hot fix, it just doesn't seem necessary, especially since threat seems to only remain an issue when the fight begins and I usually have Images popped during that time, removing any threat I generate till they expire.

9 would work fine with me as well. smile

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Re: Meikos - Mage

I'm guessing you guys were busy, so I did a BH. If you're still interested, I pulled 24k DPS on a near Patchwerk like fight, peaking at 30k+. Using these numbers, I can estimate Shannox/Baleroc to be around the same, Beth to be slightly less (Due to dead targets) and fights such as Rhy and Majordomo to be around 20-21k.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

No one pmed me!

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Oh! Sorry! D: I saw you guys were doing FL and I didn't want to interrupt, figured you would contact me when you had the chance. D:

I'm so sorry! I should be available any time after 3 PM tomorrow and tonight till 2 AM. Again, so sorry. sad

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Well you can catch me tomorrow, or I can catch you, as I didn't read your message until now but I need to head to bed.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

I've narrowed my choices down to your guild and another 10m guild, but I'd like some more info before I make anymore promises. Primarily, what are your rules for loot distribution and what others class/specs can I expect to see in the raids for buff/debuff information and competition. Lastly, and this is just to double check, the rotation for the raids would have me or some other DPS sitting out every other week, correct? (Or if a DPS could not make it, of course.)

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Ah, I saw your message about arranging a meeting time again tonight but we were just about to pull again or something and I forgot about it after.

Loot rule is random, you roll for it. If you won something, then priority goes to people who have won less things than you (during a specific raid night). No attendance tracking, no DKP, etc. Although officers would have the last word in everything, but that's only for extreme cases (legendary comes to mind, etc).

Yes, as I explained to you last night, there will likely be a rotation. There will be 6 dps (if we find someone) filling in for 5 dps spots. As one of the dps may have other work commitments, this may happen different. I can give you some scenarios, but how we manage it, we do not know yet. We aren't here to recruit you then bench you for 5 weeks.

1. You get a core spot, and that unstable member becomes backup.
2. We implement a rotation where one person sits out every week, but rarely, if ever, 2 weeks in a row.
3. All 6 dps get to raid specific bosses (2 healer fights) and a healer sits out (usually me, but I do most of the strat stuff, so likelyhood of this happening during progression fights diminishes, but if I don't do enough dps, then obviously I don't do enough dps.)

What we decide to do would also depend on your personal performance, if you perform well enough, 1 and 3 could be considered. If you don't, number 2 may have the least impact on progression. It also depends on what Q thinks! He's the mean old DK.

As far as our raid comp goes:
Prot Pally
Blood/Frost DK
2x Marks Hunters
1x Feral Druid
1x Destro/Demo Warlock
1x Disc Priest
1x Holy/Shadow Priest
1x Shadow Priest

This covers every single caster raid buff except 10% SP, which depends on the fight.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

You left out Ane! I'M TELLING.



Re: Meikos - Mage

He doesn't think I'm important. sad



Re: Meikos - Mage

Oh wow...I'm so sorry. That was not intentional.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

I bet if I was a resto druid you wouldn't have left me out.



Re: Meikos - Mage

Alright, well, if you'll still have me then sign me up! I thought it over and realized that the rotation thing doesn't bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. Plus, my old guild makes two now that have fallen apart due to attendance, so it seems like a great plan. I'll be on either Meikos or Zaiv/Giri for most of the day, so just talk to me when I'm on one of them.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

I'll find some time to log on tonight.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Yeah, your best chance of finding me online would be like Sunday at 9. Probably won't be on today.

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Re: Meikos - Mage

Alright, np

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