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1. State your character's Name, Race, Class, and Role.

Manbeartwig (with funny accent over one character)/Night Elf/Druid/Tank with DPS offspecc

    2. Why do you want to join SPG?
I'm looking into a server transfer and wanted to find a guild with progression similar to mine (I don't want to be carried by a guild already 6/7...would prefer to learn fights with my guild).  I was first attracted to the server because it has a good alliance population. I then checked out wowprogress for guilds that fit my raid times and that seemed to need a feral tank.

    3. Please list all previous guilds/servers and your reason(s) for leaving each.

Most recently I was in indecisive on Kel'Thuzad.  My real life friend and roommate had a conflict with our gm and ended up leaving.  The GM assumed I would leave also and kicked me.  Pretty dramatic for my tastes, but I resolved to not share guilds with real life friends anymore. haha.

    4. What is your endgame raiding experience?

I am currently 4/7 heroic experience in Firelands. I have main-tanked all fights at this point and have also dps'd on Heroic Rhyolith, regular staghelm, and regular baelroc

    5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require?  yes, I'm pretty vocal with calling out tank swaps with necessary and when I'm using different cooldowns.

    6. Please post a link to your Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com) profile.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/k … wig/simple    NOTE: I have my 4 pieces set bonus as well, but for the most part keep my 391 gloves equipped unless I need a ton extra avoidance.

    7. What, if any, entertainment value do you offer?
I like to joke around about whatever people seem to be talking about.  I don't get to play often outside of raid times and weekends because I'm in law school, but when I am on I like to relax and enjoy the game.

    8. List the consumables you use for encounters and a brief explanation as to why you use them.
fathom eel for agility/stam and flask of the winds for agility.   Agility is king for druid tanks since it results in dodge, attack power, crit (the latter two contribute to my mastery). If I feel like it, I'll even pop tolvir pots, but only when there's predictable big melee hits incoming or while in a burn phase.

    9. Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.  Explain how your current gear, glyph, and talent choices mesh with performing that role, and any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.  For healers, use this section to describe your personal "healing style": which spells you favor, and why.  For DPSers or tanks, lay out the DPS or threat-generation rotations you employ, and explain, in detail, why each ability is used and why it's in that particular order. For example, if your rotation is Dot1-->Dot2-->CastTime Spell, explain why the Dots are put up first; what happens if they aren't? Don't skimp on this answer, show me you know what you're talking about, and that you didn't just regurgitate information from ElitistJerks, etc.

I'm reforged for dodge on everything and I have my shoulder enchant and ring enchants for agility. Some people will look at that and say that as a tank I need to stack more stam, but I've never had a problem with my health pool being large enough to soak hits. What I enjoy more is when I dodge 43% of attacks have 7% of attacks miss and end up taking only 38-42% of hits after absorbs.  My damage taken is regularly the lowest of the other tanks I have raided with on fights where we should be expected to take similar damage (like ragnaros).  The agility also helps with keeping my dps around 14-16k while tanking and is even better on Alyzrazors adds which can cause mayhem if not downed before needing to get behind the boulder on heroic or before the twisters.

My opening rotation while tanking is to cast barkskin on myself while in caster form, then going bear form and popping my ancient petrified seed (for some early dodge, threat, and mastery proccs) and my enrage (for the the rage and extra starting threat).  I then hit with a faerie fire to start the pull, immediately followed by a mangle, thrash, and then lacerate spam with mauls injected when rage permits. I hit mangle on every cooldown and apply demoralizing roar when needed. I pulverize every time I get up to 3 stacks of lacerate to keep my crit up for proccing my mastery.

Moonkin has a ridiculously cookie cutter rotation. From a fresh eclipse bar, I'll hit with wrath or starfire to get it going whatever direction I want, then apply my dots (moonfire/sunfire and insect swarm) followed by wrath/starfire spam to get my eclipse with starsurge used on cooldown or when the instant starsurge proccs. If i hit a lunar eclipse I'll use starfall.  I also will try to get to or keep a solar eclipse when entering an aoe heavy phase for the extra damage on my shrooms and typhoon.

    10. Our raiding schedule is 9:00pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night)? i can attend every night.

    11. Tell us about yourself.  Include age, gender, profession... but don't stop there.  I'm 25 years old male, and a current law student. Before getting admitted to law school I taught high school for 2 years.  I love watching football on my sundays and eating cinammon rolls. My roommate plays wow and is a hardcore raider also.  My beer of choice is Shiner (from Texas), but I never drink before or during raids. 

    12. Please post a screenshot of your UI during an active raid encounter or inside a battleground once it has started. You can use http://www.photobucket.com/ to host your image.

Don't currently have one. Will try to get one next time i'm in a raid (which should be tonight trying to pug rag so I can hit exalted with hyjal ..145 flippin' rep away).  My ui is a relatively stock version of elvui though with recount and omen windows.

    13. If you are applying as a dps or a tank, what is the top-end dps/tps for your class and spec on a (non-gimmick) movement-heavy encounter? Low-movement encounter? How far away from this number are you, and why? Post a WoL/WWS/etc link if available.
TPS is a joke these days, so I don't know if you want me to post that.  I never lose aggro, but occasionally have to stop all but white attacks on tank swaps just to be sure I don't pull it back. I can regularly pull 19-23k dps on my boomkin offspecc which isn't very high for 4/7 heroic, but that's just with gear I've gotten in offspecc roles since my main specc is a tank.

    14. Is there anything else you feel we should know that is relevant to your application?  Not particularly. I'm available to clarify any questions or answer any new ones in vent if you'd like.

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drinking during raids is encouraged

My face is NSFW.


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Oh-- I need to make one change. When I start a pull tanking, I cast thorns on myself first.. not barkskin,. i will typically use barkskin at the start of fight also to let healers get positioned and situated since it's on such a short cooldown.


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An experienced tanks...haven't had one of these in like forever.

Get me a screenshot of your UI when you can. And I'll see if there's anything I would want to ask.

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http://s1116.photobucket.com/albums/k56 … ent=ui.jpg

my omen window is hidden and my action bars are slightly out of order but that's the gist of it.


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Also, we've switched from Ventrilo to Mumble, but I failed to update the application.  Just an fyi.

I am like a dark gift from the Night Mother herself.


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I actually have mumble also smile


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My face is NSFW.


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Talk to me tomorrow around 9 EST?

Just ask someone in the guild for Kanada or Q.

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will do smile


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Hey! Congrats on Heroic Beth! smile


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Got Baleroc this week too smile

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I may not make it home on time (working late + dinner) today but I sent you a PM.

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