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1. State your character's Name, Race, Class, and Role.

Twiisted, Tauren atm...going to faction change shortly,Warrior Tank

2. Why do you want to join SPG?

I want to join  your guild because im coming to alliance and a friend of mine (the reason i am coming to alliance) is also on alliance and told be about your guild and that your good as far as progression so i decided id put in an app.

3. Please list all previous guilds/servers and your reason(s) for leaving each.

My first guild on this server was "The Pretenders" I then left the guild due to lack of progression and then joined Bare Minimum left because of poor raid times and come other reasons , and now i'm leaving my current guild. "Exode" to join (or try to) join your guild as a good friend of mine is going alliance with me as well.

4. What is your endgame raiding experience?

So far I've downed 8/12 normal modes thats 3/4 BoT 3/6 BWD and 1/2 TFW

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require?

I can use vent during raids and I do have a working microphone  / headset.

6. Please post a link to your Armory :  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/y … ed/simple.

7. What, if any, entertainment value do you offer?

Eventually once i get used to people in the guild I like to think im a pretty funny guy.

8. List the consumables you use for encounters and a brief explanation as to why you use them.:

I use Flask of Steelskin because it is the only viable tanking flask (but i believe druids use the agil one not sure) I use the mastery and stamina food im not sure what its called. I use it because mastery/stam atm are the best stats to be using.

9. Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.  Explain how your current gear, glyph, and talent choices mesh with performing that role, and any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.  For healers, use this section to describe your personal "healing style": which spells you favor, and why.  For DPSers or tanks, lay out the DPS or threat-generation rotations you employ, and explain, in detail, why each ability is used and why it's in that particular order. For example, if your rotation is Dot1-->Dot2-->CastTime Spell, explain why the Dots are put up first; what happens if they aren't? Don't skimp on this answer, show me you know what you're talking about, and that you didn't just regurgitate information from ElitistJerks, etc.:

The glyphs I use go as follows : Prime : Glyph of Devastate , Shield Slam, and Revenge Major : Cleaving, TC ,  Shockwave and Minor: Command, Berserker Rage, and intimidating should  << this one im probably going to change, The reason for my prime glyphs are ( well theyre the only prot viable ones atm ) but ill elaborate anyway, Glyph of Devastate increases devastate crit chance , as devastate is an ability warriors should be using often if its critting more you'll obciously be getting more threat because it will be doing more damage, Glyph of shield slam increases shield slam damage (again another threat glyph)  and glyph of revenge (again another threat glyph ) as for major glyphs , all three are a huge increase to AoE tanking ease, as cleaving allows me to hit an extra target , thunder clap range will increase the radius making it easier to pick up more adds without having to move risking getting hit in the back, and glyph of shockwave which reduces shockwave CD , very usefull for obvious AoE tanking abilities, And finally for my minor glyphs glyph of command is usefull in some cases when a player is a good distance away and needs my commanding shout buff this glyph will make sure they get it ( most of the time ) glyph of berserker rage makes it so berserker rage makes berserker rage generate a little bit of rage, which can be usefull, as I will be using it anyway so i can use enraged regen, and finally I use glyph of intimidating shout so that just in case a CCer is slow to re CC a target I can pop that on it so the player has time to CC it. : As for my rotation for single target it goes , Charge Shield Slam , Devastate x3, heroic strike, ( while simultaneously continuing to devastate) rend , thunder clap, Demo shout , to reduce damage taken once I have enough threat to do so , and keep my shout on CD , after this initial rotation is complete I usually keep SHield slam and revenge on CD and devastate/heroic strike spam to get some shield slam procs, hitting thunder clap just before rend goes off to refresh it, As for my aoe tanking rotation I rend, thunderclap , cleave , shock wave , revenge if it procs , demo shout , and repeated (without rending as thunder clap will refresh it on any target it hits by itself), As for ways I am improving my character is of course as any player would , gearing up and imroving on my most powerful stats, in my case, im trying to get more stam and mastery atm, mainly because mastery is a very  important stat as it helps lower incoming melee damage, I also use the resist TB trinket because it helps GREATLY on soooo many bosses right now.

10. Our raiding schedule is 8:15pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night either Tues/Sun or Wed/Mon)?

I can attend all of those raid days for the full duration.

11. Tell us about yourself.  Include age, gender, profession... but don't stop there.

Im 15, male , i go to high school in maryland (thats about as specific as I'll get here ) hehe , i like to do normal teenaged things like hangin out with friends , but a real passion and my favorite passtime is playing WoW , I like to think I do it well  others seem to aswell, (not trying to be arrogant )

12. Please post a screenshot of your UI during an active raid encounter or inside a battleground once it has started. You can use http://www.photobucket.com/ to host your image. :

Ugh, I dont actually have a screenshot of an active raid BUT, if you feel so inclined to see my UI you can go to http://youtube.com/twistedpvp (not trying to promote myself but in all honesty i do not have a screenshot of a raid at this moment. Very sorry for that I can get one for you later on.

13. If you are applying as a dps or a tank, what is the top-end dps/tps for your class and spec on a (non-gimmick) movement-heavy encounter? Low-movement encounter? How far away from this number are you, and why? Post a WoL/WWS/etc link if available.

Im not actually sure what the top end dps for someone of my class would be but, i know that i do an average of 7k dps on a non movement heavy fight and about 5k on a movement heavy fight.

14. Is there anything else you feel we should know that is relevant to your application?

Not atm, thank you for your time.

I am like a dark gift from the Night Mother herself.


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

Your prot spec is all kinds of fucked up, is that some sort of weird experiment you are running for pvp? No shield Mastery, Incite or Hold the Line?  But then you are running 2 points in Gag Order, Victory Rush and Drums of War... This spec is as good for pve tanking as a toilet paper umbrella on a day where I decide to piss all over you.


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

The spec is just the spec that works best for me.I do realize there are a few things i should tweak,  If you do think it needs as much change as you make it seem we can talk about it over vent or something, its just what works for me smile


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

Let me start by pointing out what I thought was the most obvious, and then we can jump on to the points wasted. Shield Mastery and Hold the line are MUST HAVE talents for a Prot warrior. Hold the line is the ONLY reason warriors choose parry > Dodge, you should know this, and you should have this. As for Shield Mastery, it not only lowers your shield block CD, but your shield wall as well. You want that, you want that very badly.  Instead, you are wasting 8 points in crap you will never use in a boss encounter. Let me just tell you before you read on that if you are specing for trash and 5 mans, you are doing it wrong.

#1 - Perhaps the worst talent you have chosen is Blitz. Blitz is complete crap, your charge stuns 1 more target? so what? How many pairs of bosses are you pulling in your raids that need stunning? Yes, the rage is nice, but you know what is also nice, surviving after the pull. Drop that, and pick up something useful, like perhaps Hold The Line.

#2 - Drums of War : If you are rage starved to the point where you need this to successfully interrupt casts... I think you need to work a little better on your rotation, and not take it out on your spec. Threat shouldn't be an issue after the first 10 seconds of the fight, so save up a little rage if you need to prevent something important from getting through and use these 2 points in Shield Mastery, or Incite, or War Academy. You can really take your pick.

#3 - Impending Rush : So my victory rush heals me for about 45k. 10% of that doesn't seem to me as worth having over Blood Craze which heals you for 3% of your total health (lets say 170k buffed?). Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't 3% of 170k be better than 10% of 45k? Not to mention Blood Craze doesn't have a restriction on it's use like Victory Rush. So you can be healed by blood craze probably twice as many times (for a larger amount) as you will get to heal yourself hitting victory rush from 40% to 0. Just do a little math.

#4 - Gag Order : This isn't a bad talent for 5 mans and trash, but it isn't something you want for a raid. For one, you can't silence any boss as far as I know, feel free to correct me. Trash, yeah, you might get to silence 1 or two mobs for a whole 3 seconds while you pull it back (I'm assuming this is why you picked it up). But that isn't anything a little running out of LOS can't solve. In conclusion, it's a wasted 2 points.

I think that is all for now. I might have forgotten something, if I did, ill make sure to mention it later.


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

Thanks for that Valenz, changes have been made.


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

1. Do you have a DPS set?
2. When you said "it worked for you", do you mean in both 5man and raiding scenarios?
3. Did your previous guilds do logs or anything of that sort?
4. Were you considered a "MT" or an "OT", with MT being a tank who told people what to do and OT being the tank who did what he was told.
5. How are your kiting skills?

You've just been Avyxducated.


Re: Twiisted -- Prot Warrior

Closing this, he faction changed and joined premonition or some crap.