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bioshotz wrote:

1. State your character's Name, Race, Class, and Role.
Bioshotz, worgen, hunter, awesome dps

2. Why do you want to join SPG?
because ive seen the recruiting in trade for a good hunter and i can fit that roll well

3. Please list all previous guilds/servers and your reason(s) for leaving each.
on horde ysera the guild leader left to join vanquish (nox aeterna) so i left that one
and on alliance this server synthesis, i didnt like how people were being treated they all know eachother IRL and didnt really hear anyone else out on anything

4. What is your endgame raiding experience?
As of now ive cleared everything normal mode

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require?
Yes, more then happy to smile

6. Please post a link to your Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com) profile.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/y … otz/simple

7. What, if any, entertainment value do you offer?
haha, im from chicago and people say i have an accent but i dont think i do, people find that entertaining and im a good guy too smile

8. List the consumables you use for encounters and a brief explanation as to why you use them.
Flask of the winds if a cauldron is not provided

9. Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.  Explain how your current gear, glyph, and talent choices mesh with performing that role, and any ways in which you are still working on improving your character.  For healers, use this section to describe your personal "healing style": which spells you favor, and why.  For DPSers or tanks, lay out the DPS or threat-generation rotations you employ, and explain, in detail, why each ability is used and why it's in that particular order. For example, if your rotation is Dot1-->Dot2-->CastTime Spell, explain why the Dots are put up first; what happens if they aren't? Don't skimp on this answer, show me you know what you're talking about, and that you didn't just regurgitate information from ElitistJerks, etc.

So i start a fight with Hunters mark because it gives me a HUGE AP bonus on the target that is marked, then i throw down my serpent sting to start the dmg ticking, and for the first 20% of the fight in MM spec i Steady shot x2 so i gain my buff that gives me 15% range attack speed, and then i hard cast aimed shot because after 4.06 hot-fix its better off doing this for the first 20% of the fight (R&R that till 80%), and then when the boss is below 80% health i switch rotations to Serp, SSx2, Aimed shot procs, chimera ( to refresh my serp and main dmg shot ) and kill shot above the chimera when the boss falls below 20% health. right now i am MM so i am geared for mastery and crit, crit being the best haste being the worst for MM, i chose not to have the chimera shot glyph because it takes 1 second off the CD of it and during my rotation i would still be casting the second SS and the chimera would come off CD witch is doing me no good when whithout the glyph i can get the chimera shot off right away = more dps. Arcane shot glyph because arcane shot is used as a focus dump so its alot of dmg, and kill shot because its nice to have 2 instead of one at the end of the fight, usually can get in alot more then 2 though.

10. Our raiding schedule is 8:15pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night)?
Yes i can make it everynight, and if i cant which prob wont happen i will mail someone ahead of time.

11. Tell us about yourself.  Include age, gender, profession... but don't stop there.
im 18 years young, male, currently looking for a job not havin much luck, and wanting to start school soon and go into something along the lines of graphic design, i live in chicago and i love hockey, chillin with my friends

12. Please post a screenshot of your UI during an active raid encounter or inside a battleground once it has started. You can use http://www.photobucket.com/ to host your image.
photobucket says i already have an account but i dont and i dont want to make another email and then make an account for that email. so i used tinypic just as good, sry


13. If you are applying as a dps or a tank, what is the top-end dps/tps for your class and spec on a (non-gimmick) movement-heavy encounter? Low-movement encounter? How far away from this number are you, and why? Post a WoL/WWS/etc link if available.
I was playing BM in synthesis for the 3% dmg buff, and i was around 1-3k behind stateofdps.com on most fights.

14. Is there anything else you feel we should know that is relevant to your application?
i love you big_smile?

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Re: Bioshotz - Hunter

A bunch of logs - http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/66320/

Our expectations of our raids is that you have enough flasks, food and potions (whichever one that may apply to you) for an entire night. It is also expected that consumables are used for every fight, including farm content. Are you going to be able to follow through with that?

How is your collection of pets? The buffs I am looking for include: +5% crit aura, +8% magic dmg and Sunder. To be swapped depending on exact group composition for the week.

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yeah ive got a wolf,wind serp, but ill need to go tame a pet with sunder and level him real quick. sorry about not putting that i eat the food im so use to it doesnt really cross my mind


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Hey, I'll try to be on tonight.

If you can, try to talk to me in game. You can probably catch me on Kanede, if not, just /who SPG and ask around!

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I can't believe you really spammed trade for recruitment.



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All the other guilds do it!

And it's like one mesage every 15 minutes or so, it's not like I'm inviting them if they pm me =p

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Hey do you guys have a tabard?



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GansalKT wrote:

Hey do you guys have a tabard?

Yeah but it's really bad, and it probably won't match your gear.


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Vallens wrote:
GansalKT wrote:

Hey do you guys have a tabard?

Yeah but it's really bad, and it probably won't match your gear.

Gray bears match everything!