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Nubris wrote:

1. State your character's Name, Race, Class, and Role.
Nubris, Worgen, Druid, Bear tank

2. Why do you want to join SPG?
I was in your guild as a casual with some friends back during Wrath and I saw that you guys were very successful and actually had a sense of humor (which is very important to me). Also, the fact that you guys need a tank and I myself happen to be a tank is very nice and convenient.

3. Please list all previous guilds/servers and your reason(s) for leaving each.
Wrought From Ruin ( I was an orc warrior back then) game launch- December 2006... I was kicked because apparently I broke a really vague loot rule
Empyrean (as Nubris from here on out) January 2007- April 2008... guild broke up and decimated due to drama
Avenged April 2008- September 2008... guild leader and I did not get along so she kicked me, long story lol
Reflex September 2008- January 2009.... guild broke up plain and simple
Authentic January 2009- May 2009... I decided to stop raiding on a schedule beacause I no longer had time
May 2009- January 2011... raided casually with pugs and occasionally as a fill in for some guilds that friends were in. During this time I was in guilds such as Natural Order, SPG and Premonition
Greatly Exaggerated (January 2011- March 2011)... raided with this guild because I began to have more time, guild was disbanded for an unknown reason a couple weeks ago
Current- casual raiding

4. What is your endgame raiding experience?
Vanilla- cleared up to and including C'thun on my orc warrior
BC- up to but not including Illidan
Wrath- up to but not including LK
Cata- currently 7/12 on normals

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo to communicate during raids--as well as any other addon we require?
i am capable of using teh ventriloz

6. Please post a link to your Armory (http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com) profile.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/y … ris/simple

7. What, if any, entertainment value do you offer?
i can lick my elbow

8. List the consumables you use for encounters and a brief explanation as to why you use them.
I bring Mushroom Sauce Mudfish, because they are yummy and give me stam

9. Explain what you perceive your character's role in endgame content to be.  Explain how your current gear, glyph, and talent choices mesh with
(k i accidentally deleted part of the question... oops) but anyways, my gear is set up to give me as much stam as possible with lots of reforging for dodge. Obviously my goal as tank is to stay alive and I also employ some agi and expertise to give me some nice threat gen as well. My rotation is have a full stack of lacerate, pulverize and use mangle whenver it is up. Also, I always make sure I am spamming that maul button.
10. Our raiding schedule is 8:15pm-12:00am EDT (server time, basically), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Do you have any conflicts with this schedule (i.e., can you be there every night)?
Thursday is the only day that may be questionable but should usually not be a problem. It is also a slightly more busy part of the college year so if I am unable to attend due to writing a paper or slammin some bitch then I will of course let u guys know.

11. Tell us about yourself.  Include age, gender, profession... but don't stop there.
I am a 19 year old italian-american from new york. That combo can sometimes lead to me being a loud motherfucker, but I do my best to supress such stereotypes tongue. I am also a MASSIVE sports fan and my fave teams includue the Yankees, Raiders, Rangers, Syracuse, and the Knicks. I am attending Niagara University for a career in broadcast journalism and currently have a sports-themed talk radio show on campus with a friend of mine. All this means my life is very busy but I still do what I can to find time the game that has been entertanining me since November '04.

12. Please post a screenshot of your UI during an active raid encounter or inside a battleground once it has started. You can use http://www.photobucket.com/ to host your image.
Filled this out at work so I have no ss handy.. it is default ui however it has always worked for me tongue

13. If you are applying as a dps or a tank, what is the top-end dps/tps for your class and spec on a (non-gimmick) movement-heavy encounter? Low-movement encounter? How far away from this number are you, and why? Post a WoL/WWS/etc link if available.
umm top-end that I have seen would probably be around 15k tps, which is also around what I usually pull. If i'm not its because the new bear druid cd's in cata hurt me bad in some cases especially with ads.
14. Is there anything else you feel we should know that is relevant to your application?

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

I know nothing about tanking druids, don't even know what their mastery is. Guessing it is something similar to the Blood DK mastery.

Currently we have two tanks. Our intention is to have 3 full time tanks, with one being a backup (raid 2 weeks, backup 1 week, repeat), however one of them has a somewhat unstable schedule over the next month. So the schedule may be somewhat all over the place (I don't do scheduling, so I cannot tell you at this moment if you were to raid with us).

Being a tank in our guild is tough, you are going to be blamed for a lot, even if it doesn't seem like your problem. If you are the type who cannot take criticism, this may not be the place for you. Excellent awareness and decision making is required as a tank especially in our heroic progression where a "minor" mistake by a tank will result in an avoidable wipe.

Your gear is slightly behind us, so there may be problems with threat and keeping you alive through heroic progression. I am actually quite surprised you do not have any tier pieces yet...but druid gear drops often...so we could probably fix this pretty quickly...

I have a bit more to say, maybe talk to me in game...gotta get back to work.

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

I don't know druid tanks much either but I do have a couple questions.  You indicate that "top-end that I have seen would probably be around 15k tps, which is also around what I usually pull."  Is that your top-end TPS in a raid setting?

Also, why do you have a fair number of strength based items over agility based items?

Sorry, one more question:  Why do you use almost exclusively pure stamina gems? And why do you reforge out of Crit (which I thought was directly tied to one of your abilities?

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

Please post a video of you licking your elbow.



Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

while there is no visual evidence of me performing such a feat of strength, here are my other abilities.

As for having some strength gear ovr crit, that really is just because I have come across strength gear more often and im not gonna NOT take the upgrade amirite? Since this app was posted I actually got an epic ring with crit to replace my strength ring so that is a step in the right direction. As for reforging crit into dodge, that really was due to survivability needs, I felt that I was having much more trouble staying alive than maintaning decent threat. This goes for my stam-exclusive gems, in my opinion and the opinion of many other bear tanks, stam is very crucial and I have found it to be the most important for survivability over the last couple years.

Yes, I am referring to that tps in a raid setting... 15k is not something I see or do consistently but yea it happens.

As for taking criticism, I have been tanking since I was 10 years old in 2002 playing Everquest and I am no stranger to getting the blame, warranted or unwarranted. The only times this becomes a problem was the one or two leaders I have had in my 7 years or so in this game that seemed to really have an issue with me whether it was my age or they just liked the other tank better. This is not an issue 90% of the time but yea clashes between tanks and guild leadership are probably n ostrangers to u guys either.


Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

I'm a little surprised that you have a Puissant Dream Emerald in there, and not 2 Regal Dream Emeralds.

And you could easily reforge more dodge.

default ui O.o

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

Nubris wrote:

I was 10 years old in 2002

God.  Damnit.

Am I correct in remembering that you were friends with Wolftears, Bodom, and them?  They proved themselves to be something far less than trustworthy, and I'm inclined to be a little hesitant to jump into bed with one of their friends.  What's the story there?

You also say that you usually pull 15k TPS, but not consistently.  What would you say you consistently pull?

We also have a policy requiring the use of flasks and potions on every encounter, so you'd have to be ready to bring and use enough of both for a full night, every night.  Would that be a problem?

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

@Kanede Bear mastery is Savage Defender which increases Savage Defense.

I would wonder why you have things gemmed like you have your pants and chest.  A green (blue/yellow) gem in a red socket.  Without the socket bonus why not just go full Stam on that piece? That's how I do it with Int on my priest anyway.  Instead of Stam/Dodge or Stam/Mastery in a red socket maybe a Stam/Agi?  Agi = Armor, Dodge, Crit, and somewhat useful socket bonus.



Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

First off agi no longer gives dodge, like I said I would prefer to have the more survivability oriented stam/mastery and stam/dodge gems. In regards to wolf and bodom, yes they are/were guildhoppers and elitist. Wolf I am still friends with but Bodom I really am no longer friends with. His behavior changed around the time he was in SPG for various reasons that are too long to go into. While we are friends we could not be more different in how we approach the game and treat  people in-game. I understand your hesitation with bringing me for those reasons because those two (and a couple others in our little group) went through several raid guilds and left for what I viewed as retarded reasons.

In regards to my threat, I am pulling about 12-13k for the most part and never gets lower than that at all unless its a really unusual situation. And lastly, bringing flasks if really required will not be a problem I just never felt they were worth the cash when I have buff food so I just kind of brushed them aside whenever I went into pug raids with friends and stuff.


Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

And yes, default ui, it works perfectly fine for tanking I have found in my years of playing this game. As far as my addons go I got dbm, omen, recount and other stuff like atlasloot and tbag.


Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

A few follow-up questions/comments:

1) Agility most definitely gives dodge.

2) You say: "As for reforging crit into dodge, that really was due to survivability needs, I felt that I was having much more trouble staying alive than maintaning decent threat."  If this is the case, why did you reforge crit (which directly impacts savage defense) rather than hit into dodge rating?

3) In addition to that statement that you were having issues staying alive, you also indicate that "This goes for my stam-exclusive gems, in my opinion and the opinion of many other bear tanks, stam is very crucial and I have found it to be the most important for survivability over the last couple years."  If you are having problems with survivability and stamina is most important, why have you been brushing aside flasks (which provide 300 stamina)?

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Re: Nubris - Feral Tank

Nubris wrote:

First off agi no longer gives dodge

We're going to pass right now, best of luck in your search.

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