Ayyy lmaonsters

So, it’s summer time. Most of SPG are doing summertime things, like going to drive-ins, sharing malts with their steadies, and checking out their cousin’s new firebird.

But not all of us! Some of us are still around, and decided — since there’s new content — why not go kill monstarz? Why not get sweet new gear? Who’s to say we can’t?!

Trash, as it turns out. Following our standard process of one-shotting new bosses and wiping repeatedly on trash pulls, we rounded up some only-mostly-braindead pugs and sallied forth into Hellfire Citadel. We got the Hellbreach dudes (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, and Kormrok) and the Hellfire High Council. Don’t believe me?  Will a super blurry, “sketch” filter selfie convince you?

Yeah, that’s a good picture. Time to quit my job and buy a DSLR, I’m a natural at this. Perhaps, though,  you’re some godawful philistine who can’t appreciate the subtleties of hue and shadow; in that case, enjoy some far more pedestrian screenshots, carefully posed by the whole crew:

A good looking squad we got there.

Also, a long time ago, we actually killed Blackhand on heroic too. People have cried at me for months about the lack of a post, so here ya go, bozo’s.

So, if you have previously been a part of SPG, come on back so we don’t have to talk to braindead pugs.  If you haven’t previously been a part of the Sarong Party Girls, give us a holler in game! The fact that you can read these words makes you far more competent than the people we get out of raid finder.

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