Founded shortly after the opening of Kael’Thas by some friends from another MMO, SPG lived its first days as a seven-member PVP guild housing some of the server’s best PVPers. In early 2006, the members started talking about the possibility of raiding, and much to the surprise of everyone SPG actually did venture into endgame and hasn’t looked back since. From their beginnings of “undermanned and overpowered,” SPG tore through endgame becoming one of the top raiding guilds on Kael’Thas. And yet, when asked who SPG is a lot of people still had no clue who the hell we are, and we like it that way. We’re not overly concerned about letting the world know of our success, or what place we are in progression on the server, but rather just enjoy our nights hanging out with our friends and kicking ass.

SPG is a unique guild compared to most of what you find in World of Warcraft. We’re not quite the family guilds that never achieve much success in endgame, but at the same time we’re not your typical balls-out hardcore guild either. We’re somewhere in the middle staking a ground where it’s ok to talk it up on vent, ok to have a life outside of raiding, and ok to have an opinion on how things are run.

Interested?  Chat us up, come run a heroic, come try a raid.  We might just fit.

Our raid times:

Wednesday: 7:30pm EST – 11:00pm EST
Thursday: 7:30pm EST – 11:00pm EST
Monday: 7:30pm EST – 11:00pm EST

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