Fresh on the heels of Cho-ing monstar after monstar who’s boss, SPG Cho-se to Cho ahead with a Cho-ordinated assault on the Cho-nly monstar remaining in the Bastion of Twilight, whose name I can’t Cho-member at the moment.  Successfully Cho-king him out, SPG proceeded to Cho-re up morale by performing a highly Cho-reographed dance number with the working title of Cho Me The Way (To Your Heart), accompanied by a Cho-rus of Cho-mely Cho-raliers.

“Cho what, Q?  Who cares about your dance routines?”

Cho buttons on your underwear, Straw Man.

We killed all of that crap.  (Bonus points if you can figure out what is who, and why!)

Meanwhile, we made the same mistake that all mortals make.  In our rush to glory, we assumed that the pace of the game revolved around our actions.  Blah blah etc. etc. the grand game of life that we thought we played actually played us, we killed a mouthy dragon.  Here, look!

So, as is implied by all these dead bosses, we are raiding Cataclysm thangs.  How exciting!

We started out this expansion with a highly unorthodox double 10-man rotating rosters type of a schedule, which was perfect for the number of people we had playing with us, even if it made getting all of the necessary raid buffs into a raid kind of a hassle.  But inevitably, the normal New Expansion Is A Few Months Old Flakeage has struck, and we were forced to cut back to a single primary progression 10-man.  Not tons of fun for everyone, since our roster still had ~15 people on it, but it’s less of an administrative headache for me than running two 10’s, which I know we can all appreciate!

Since cutting back, though, we’ve continued killing crap, including both Nefarian and Heroic Halfus this week.  As usual, the kills involved a lot of dying, swearing, shouting, blaming each other loudly, and then finally rallying for the kill and joining hands in song as we danced upon the corpse of our foe.  While the dancing and victory was certainly nice, the highlight of the evenings would, of course, remain the inspiration and near-religious fervor with which the profanity was delivered.  Really fine,  groundbreaking stuff.  Not going to share it with you.  🙁

Next up:  Heroic Chimaeron, Heroic Atramedes, Heroic bitching about 10 man heroics being balanced around group stacking.  The next two should go down quick, but that last one we’ll probably be revisiting for months to come.

Finally, and most importantly, this guy:


Seeya in a year for the next update!


…OR AM I!?


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