As evidenced by our recent glut of kills and this image depicting them:

Stuf Ded

We took a couple of weeks off for the holidays, then came back and finished up normal Imperator and downed three Heroic bosses, including one-shot kills on Heroic Twins and Heroic Tectus.

Kargath and Twins are easy, but after a couple of ~40% wipes on Heroic Butcher and Brackenspore, we decided to hit up Tectus, which we’ve always been mechanically tight on.  After Effer ranted at us about what hopeless casuals we are for a while, we smoothly eased Tectus down to 0% in one attempt just to spite him.  Getting a kill on a new difficulty on the first attempt is always a good feeling, and doubly so this time because Kelethar was there in ilevel -400 gear.

In other news, Cain finally has enchants on at least some of his gear.  Or so he says.

Hasta la proxima matar!


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